Minimalism is just the Beginning

Minimalism is just the beginning stage toward the path of a  life of intention, not the goal.

What we are all really looking for is a life of meaning, of purpose (whether we realize it or not).

For many people this is unclear because they have too much distraction, too much clutter (mental, emotional, AND physical).  Those people only see clearly enough to determine what in their lives IS and IS NOT adding value (luckily this is still enough to start down a righteous path). For them, following the mantras and doctrines of Minimalism is an excellent start toward that life of meaning.

On the other hand, those who see clearly need not refer to the specific mantras and doctrines, as those are just a part of their natural lifestyle philosophy (People far more enlightened than even myself).

Even the term “Minimalism” is just an “outer shell” term meant to have meaning to those outside this lifestyle, and those new to it. To those of us who are established in the life, we are simply living according to our needs, passions, and greater purpose. Influencers like myself need to use this term anyway as a means to convey a better life of focus.  I.E. the term “Minimalism” only has meaning in contrast to the life of excess.

With that being said, you may find that many of my future posts will not be for beginners (This post sure wasn’t), but for Minimalism 201 students (for lack of a better term). These posts are for those who are past the “How to I find the strength to get rid of things I don’t use?” conversation. These posts will focus more on the things in life that HAVE value (or should have value) for all of us, and not so much the things that don’t.

The next phase of a life of focus once we get beyond removing clutter and toxins, is  life of meaning through service. Altruism.