The Freedom of not Caring about the Unimportant

The freedom of Not Caring

There is a very real freedom in not concerning ourselves over things that truly don’t matter.

I recently found myself enjoying a new found freedom.

I currently drive a Hyundai Accent. A tiny buggy of a car. Now that it is aging, and really starting to wear down, I find myself caring less and less about it’s looks. There is no longer the burden of the “unwritten standard” of vehicle external upkeep weighing me down that people with newer vehicles feel they have to carry. Now that I have shed myself of that burden (thanks to the car aging) I have found myself open to doing something to my car I had never even THOUGHT of before.

And that thing is ……. adding bumper stickers. It has been wonderful adding bumper stickers on my old buggy that I believe best represent me. It very much personalizes my car, identifies it as mine. Even people that know me can easily figure out which car in the lot is mine even if they don’t know what I drive. Before it was just a Hyndai Accent ……. like many others on the road. Another sheep in the heard. Now it has identifiers.

Doing this gives me no desire to get a new vehicle. Just because doing so will put the “New vehicle image” burden back upon my shoulders again. And I will be back to my car conforming to the normal standard ….. another sheep in the heard.

Must it be this way?! Haven’t we heard the phrase “Ya don’t put a bumper sticker on a Cadillac.”? Why is this standard in place? Is the clean and fresh look for a vehicle truly coveted by everyone?

Yeah ….. well ……. It’s boring and conformist. It’s like schools that require uniforms, but for the road.

I have decided. I don’t know what vehicle I will be getting next, but is sure as hell won’t be just like all the others of it’s type on the road. I’m slapping on some mantras, images, and other identifiers.