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This is my site where I promote and instruct a lifestyle that I have enjoyed for many years now. A lifestyle free of clutter, free of distraction, full of intention, value, and as a result, joy. At the heart of this lifestyle, is a concept known as minimalism.

Minimalism to me is more than just an idea, it’s a philosophy. The philosophy dictates that one can create focus in their life by discarding all the excess baggage that adds little or no value to it; and in doing so have a much more fulfilling life. This baggage comes in many forms: useless material possessions, failed relationships, toxic habits, unnecessary activities, negative thoughts and attitude etc.

Unfortunately a concept such as minimalism cannot be fully explained in one short essay. It’s easier to understand¬†through examples. I invite you to read my many essays, and through them you may see how incorporating minimalism into your life will be liberating.

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