FaceWho ME?!?! My name is Anthony Foppiano, and I live in the mid-state New York area; specifically the Hudson Valley. I have a beautiful wife and a little angel of a girl.

I wear many hats; take on many roles. I am a Father, Husband, Friend, Brother, Cyclist, Son, and a Workforce Analyst. I enjoy filling all these roles very much.

I have been a Minimalist my entire adult life. Although it was not until 2014 that I knew that there was a name for this idea/concept. Until then I thought I was the weird one just because I had no desire for the same lavish lifestyle everyone else seemed to want so badly. It was not until I stumbled upon a blog page just like this one that I realized that I was not alone. I found my kin, and I was (still am) inspired to speak and teach about minimalism, and how I incorporate minimalism in my life.

What makes me different from many other minimalists out there, is that my transition to this lifestyle was not as a result of living a chosen life of excess that went destructive. I am not a “born again minimalist”. Instead my lifestyle is the result of having been raised in a home of excess. Growing up we had the big house, with the big deck, big yard, and lots of cool things. But none of these things made us any happier, and most of them we never even used. In the end all these things just made us miserable. This was clear even to the child that I was. So when I was finally living on my own, I decided to do things differently. And you know what, I’ve been happier ever since.

Like I said, I am a father and husband. You will find however that the details of my family are left out of my website. This is intentional, as the internet is a dangerous place, and there are many individuals out there with malicious intent. So for security purposes, the images and identities of my wife and daughter are left out. You understand. With the exception of those, my life is an open book, and I am putting it all out there for anyone who is interested in learning about my lifestyle and minimalist philosophy.

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