Pride Month

On this June “Pride” month I’d like to say that I support love in whatever form it comes.
What I do not support is labeling that love. It’s completely unnecessary. Let’s just love according to our natural design. As long as our romantic love remains intra-species, there is no harm.
We need to let go of our labeling systems, our grouping systems, our unnecessary social constructs. They serve no purpose other than a false sense of security, identity. Do people REALLY need to feel like their part of a group to give them some sense of validation? We should be able to stand just fine on our own two feet as individuals. Only THAT is true security in ones self.
I am Anthony. Not a man, woman, or non-binary. Not a strait, gay, or Bi. And frankly, I don’t care which one of these categories you throw me into (or any others unmentioned). I’ll sleep just fine. If you need something to call me ….. call me Anthony (or Foppy), …….. after all, that IS my name.
There, that was easy. Now you try.
A naming convention is only useful and functional when it is simple and efficient, and the new naming convention for sexuality and gender is neither of these things. But …… since the old naming convention (the binary one) no longer apples (maybe never did), “what do we do now?”. Easy, ….. abolish naming conventions for sexuality and gender. They serve no purpose other than some false sense of validation.
For those of you who are having a hard time understanding, it goes like this:
Once a child is born, how about we let them explore what their likes and dislikes are freely. When the time comes, also let them explore their sexuality. Do NOT attach labels to the choices they make and their behavior. Doing so pigeonholes them into a category. Once that is imbedded in their mind, there is a subtle pressure to remain in that category. Labels build mental walls. This in turn hinders them from potentially pursuing other paths as interests and desires naturally change over time.
I look at the new acronym LBGTQIA+ and it makes me laugh. This is because built in the acronym is the very admission that the labeling system is long and complicated, and that the very people within that community are unable to keep up.  How can any of us be expected to take this naming convention seriously with a “+” at the end of it. If I didn’t know the community better, I’d be inclined to believe that the “+” was added in there as a gag ….. you know, to make light of it.
Abandon the construct! It’s just mental clutter.
LBGTQIA+ has got to go. It would be far more effective to come up with a name that is not simply an incomplete list of all the subgroups within the larger group, but one that defines the group as a whole and maybe what their goal is. Something like “The Coalition of Alternative Sexual Orientations and Lifestyles”; Just off the top of my head.

Spend Responsibly

The power of the middle class is not in their vote, but in their dollar. How we spend our money is AT LEAST as important as how we make our money.
It’s not the politicians that run everything (and certainly not the “commies”) it’s the corporate elite. And where do they get their power from? …… US …… the consumer.
So I’m tired of seeing people complain about government corruption while they order from Amazon from their $700 iPhone.
Live beneath your means, live small, shop local.

The things that help me live a Minimalist Life.

I have spent so much time speaking and writing about all the things in life that we can do without; all the clutter, the filler, the STORAGE. I wanted to take a moment to mention many of the things in my life that not only add value, but many of which help facilitate this minimal life.


First, and probably most important, is my laptop computer, the only computer I own. Compact, handles all my writing, financial, and many other needs.


My iPhone. I said it before and I’ll say it again, there is no better tool for a minimalist than a reliable mobile device. The amount of functions this one thing has, makes modern minimalism not only possible, but real easy. Just think of all the things we DON’T need, because a good mobile device replaces these things:

  • Computer ……. mostly. The majority of the functions one needs a computer for can be handled right on a good mobile.
  • Music Player
  • Calendar
  • Game Console
  • Streaming Video Player
  • Camera
  • Photo Album
  • Shopping
  • Meeting
  • Radio

I mean the list actually goes on and on.


My bicycle ( and all the accessories that come with it). Everyone’s got to have an activity to keep them active and healthy. This is mine. It gives me great joy. I actually have two bicycles. One for training, and one for just getting around. I have only ever had two. Ask any cyclist and they will tell you ……. that IS minimal.


I am also an avid “Magic the Gathering” player. An excellent mentally stimulating game of strategy. The container in the pic below contains my entire gaming collection (cards and supplies). I submit this picture as proof that no matter what hobby one has, they can keep their “hoard” small. They just may have to trade out with the old to make space for the new.


My nook e-Reader. Physical books?? Not in my life. I keep all reading material on this thing. e-Readers can store more books than anyone can read. I would have even considered just sticking with my laptop for this purpose, but back lighting is horrible for the eyes.


We keep two white boards in the home. One on the fridge, and one in the dining area (presently my office). White boards are an invaluable tool for jotting reminders and ideas down quick while we can still remember them. Also good for quick lessons. I can’t stress enough the value of having one in a high traffic area of the home.


My Tibetan Singing Bowls. Having taken up meditation in the past couple of years, these items have proven to be very valuable toward finding peace and mindfulness. This is turn, assists with a life of focus. I have come to appreciate eastern medical practices as a path to wellness.


A Tumbler glass of water. I make a point to say “tumbler” because I no longer use any other type of glass. It’s the most efficient and durable glass I have found. Also, glass is the material I prefer to drink from (safest). I make an attempt to drink as much water in the day as possible, starting with my morning glass of water you see in the picture below. No matter what our lifestyle, if we wish to have a healthy one, it should always start with water, and lots of it.