A few words about how people are handling this pandemic.

Before I even begin, while it may seem this post has little to do with Minimalism, please realize that it actually has everything to do with Minimalism. It does in the fact that it focuses on the areas of life that are most valuable. It focuses on people, humanity, and having a strong morale core. Things that this pandemic has shown me are no longer valued by the general public.


I have come to the conclusion that there are two mindsets with regard to this pandemic. One is the Darwinist mindset, and the other is the Humane mindset.

The first group of people believe that this pandemic is just Darwinism at work. The strong will survive, and the weak will perish. Let nature work it’s course as has it always been. This group believes that the CRIME, is in people’s rights being restricted and/or taken to merely save the weak.

The second group of people are those that have faith in a higher power. Call it GOD, the Universe, whatever. These are the people that believe we as humans have a higher responsibility than merely self-preservation. That, in fact, we have a responsibility to all of humanity to preserve it. I prefer the phrase “I am my brother’s keeper”.

I am going to assume that it’s obvious to all reading this that one can’t believe in Darwinism and “I am my brother’s keeper” at the same time.

As for me ……. While I would state that it’s pretty obvious that nature functions on the principal of Darwinism (Otherwise there would BE no coronavirus), I believe that humanity was meant to be guided by a more divine purpose. We are supposed to care for and protect each other; this is what is called “agape” love. I believe that it is the duty of the strong to protect the weak.

Also, during this pandemic, there are two types of weaknesses in people that have revealed themselves to me.

The first is obvious, as it is the physically weak. The elderly, those suffering from heart conditions, respiratory conditions, and other not so obvious health issues. These are the folks vulnerable to the virus.

The second is not so obvious. These are the folks that are mentally weak. They look for every excuse not to follow the guidelines of the pandemic. They be damned if they in any way alter their cushy lifestyle to potentially save lives. They look for (and find) justifications to not have to change their daily life in any way. They align themselves with the Darwinist philosophy as it conveniently allows them to be this selfish. They align themselves with the news of conspiracy theories that the pandemic is all a scam. The internet is a wonderful place indeed. One doesn’t have to look far to find news from “reliable” sources that allow them to continue “justified” in whatever path they wish to follow.

The physically weak are the ones that will suffer the virus, and the mentally weak are the ones that are the super spreaders giving the virus to the physically weak in the first place. Those that are both mentally AND physically weak have already passed on.

To take the attitude “It is what it is. We have no control. Darwinism is at work here. The Gov’t is just using this as an excuse to take away our rights. It’s another control mechanism” is lazy. Worst of all, it’s selfish. Humanity can’t afford to be this wildly irresponsible.

Instead, when the storm of this pandemic looks at us and says “I am here to claim the weakest of you” we should be responding back with “Wrong, the strongest of us will protect the weakest of us. Even …… if it’s against their will.” Because lord knows that “will” is to hang themselves with the foolish decision to have parties, go away on vacation, visit family in another state.


The guidelines are simple and small folks: Wear your mask when in public. No large gatherings. No touchy touchy. No travel (for recreational purposes).


This is not a ploy to impose control on America (there is no evidence to support that).  And honestly ….. it’s a stretch to even infer that from these mundane guidelines ……. seriously ……. how entitled are we that we break a sweat when being asked to WEAR A MASK. These guidelines are SMALL, and frankly they are just common sense.

Inferring “control” from these simple guidelines is more telling of the person making the inference than anything else. It exposes their weakness in being unwilling/unable to adapt to potentially save lives.

I don’t see government control. All I see is a bunch of selfish people that don’t wanna give up their cushy lifestyle, so they find (or fabricate) a reason to continue on their entitled way hiding under a false “justification” so that way they don’t have to face the selfishness within themselves.

We will get through this. Have faith. Have hope.

A long way to go

So ….. I saw this meme on social media this weekend. It upset me greatly.  It upset me because it was a rude reminder that we have a long way to go as a species toward getting our values in order. A long way toward reaching good character as a whole. There is so much that upsets me about it an not all of it is relevant for this page, so I’ll try to keep it slim to only what is relevant. Here is the meme:

Here are the issues (starting with the simplest).

  1. It avoids the initial question
  2. “Shoot” doesn’t necessarily mean “shoot to kill”, but of course that didn’t occur to them, as they were just looking for an excuse to kill someone from the get go.
  3. I can’t believe this needs to be said, but what happened to the basic value  “Love thy neighbor”. A value SO basic, and responsibility so high that it supersedes all other personal desires, including the preservation of our …….. stuff.

This is the America we live in. People are willing to kill to protect their hoard.

A satisfying life of righteous purpose starts with a strong morale core. This is true no matter what lifestyle we choose to lead.

Pandemic in the Winter

I can’t speak for everyone, but up here in mid-state NY I suffer winter depression. After the Holiday season, into the new year, I just get down in the dumps. The lack of sunlight combined with cold temperatures means there will be no spending time outdoors for me. This kills me inside because I LOVE the outdoors.

NOW …. during a pandemic, we really don’t have the option for indoor activities outside our homes either. This just amplifies the depression something fierce.

While I can’t speak for everybody, I believe I can speak for many of you out there. Winter depression is not uncommon.

Fortunately, there are practices which I have used recently that help to cure this depression:

  1. Socialize! People are depressed now more than ever during this pandemic because more than ever we are not communicating with each other. We are instead finding solace in social media (which is a BIG DISASTER if done without intent). Just because we have to maintain social distancing doesn’t mean we have to be strangers. There are many digital platforms to permit us to be social beings again (Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Discord, etc.). I suggest we all become not only familiar with some of these, but second nature with them.
  2. Meditation. This is not the first time I mentioned this. Meditation practice help one be more mindful and more aware of themselves. It calms the mind so it can cure itself. Meditation sessions can be found free online in YouTube, Facebook, and other channels.
  3. Yoga. No different than meditation.
  4. Exercising. Make a regiment of it. Whether it is weight lifting in the basement/garage or hitting the peloton three times a week, DO IT. Always people are amazed at how quickly doing good has us feeling good.
  5. Gaming – Take on a new hobby of gaming. Whether it is online, or at home with family, this is a healthy way to keep us challenged and social.
  6. Read. I felt I had to put this on the list. While reading is difficult while in a state of depression (lack of focus), it is still an activity that might take us away from our thoughts.

Hang in there folks, we have two more months to go.