Life Hack for Budget Cuts

A great way to make budget cuts is to consider the end result gain from every purchase we make; the real gain. Often times we discover that once we discard the mental charade of the means and instead focus on the ends, we can find much simpler (more affordable) ways to reach such ends.
Is it worth it to spend money on a concert? Is spending money to see then live any better than streaming them (live or not)? Is hearing them live any better than hearing them on our sound system?
I say YES, because the live experience and sound is wildly different.
Is it worth it to spend money to see a stand up comic live? Are they any more funny live than in streaming?
I say NO. The jokes are exactly the same on TV as live.
There is the energy of the crowd live to consider that adds something. But is that little extra something worth the price of admission? Perhaps not when we need to make budget cuts.
Often times what we are looking for is a service. The question is: What is the most cost efficient way to acquire that service.