Go out and get those Experiences

I was thinking:

Remember Orange Soda? When was the last time you had Orange Soda? Flavored sodas are not as popular as it used to be around here. Nevertheless I have fond memories of enjoying them as a child. People of my generation, for the most part can say we have had these delights in our lifetime. Likelihood is we can still remember the taste. Nowadays we don’t even keep soda of ANY kind in the home (health reasons of course).

As a result our children might never know what these taste like. Big loss?? maybe not. But definitely a small one. Don’t we want our children to have the experiences in life that we now take for granted? Would it not be nice to have our children try (even as a one time treat) Root Beer, Vanilla Coke, Grape Soda, Orange Soda, Cream Soda, and of course Mountain Dew?

It is for this reason that I recently had a “Soda Party” for my daughter. She taste tested all these soda flavors, sodas that up until then she never knew existed. She thoroughly enjoyed it.

Similarly ….

Think about how many different food dishes you have had in your lifetime (recipes), how many you will have had before the end. 200?…… Maybe 500? Lets say 1000 even for arguments sake. Turns out there are over 75,287,520 different recipes in the world today. With that being said, likelihood is you will live your entire life never having eaten your potentially favorite food.

There is a food dish out there that will be the best, most delicious food you can ever have, but you will never have it. You will live your whole life, and die having never had the peak of your culinary euphoria.  You’ll have to be content dying thinking that your Pan Seared Scallops are the best it gets (or whatever your present dish of perfect delight is).

Now that is a depressing thought. I know. It is not my intention to depress you. But with that thought comes a valuable lesson, and it is this:

Go out there and get experiences! NOW! For yourself, for your loved ones!