Star Trek and Minimalism

Star Trek series creator Gene Rodenberry Had a very clear vision about what he thought the future should be. Not just the technological aspects of it, but more importantly, the value system of the future; what motivates people.

Since I was a child, to this very day, I have always been a big fan of Start Trek. I must have watched every episode of Star Trek TNG at least four times. The series mostly dives into exploration, new discoveries, fascinating ideas and concepts, but every now and then we would get a glimpse of the lifestyles of the people both individually and as a whole.

Do you know what that lifestyle is??

Minimalist of course.

You see, in Gene’s future the acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving factor in our lives. We seek only to grow, to learn.

When you think about the long term consequences of the decisions humanity makes, living this way is really the only sustainable way to live. The only fulfilling and harmonious way. I know that, you know that, ……. and Gene sure knew that.

Here is a clip from an episode of Star Trek TNG that puts it all together.