Appreciate the Beauty, and the Serenity in your own back yard.

I find more and more, that not matter where people live, they wished they lived someplace else. They say “there is nothing to do here” or “there is nothing to see here.” They want to be in a different city, town, or county. Someplace else far away. I find this attitude no matter where I go. I am sure there are more than a few native residents of Hawaii that say “This place sucks. I gotta get outta here.”

This all stems from human ingratitude. When the wonders around us become commonplace, we lose our appreciation for them because we lose our gratitude. 

Keeping our gratitude is at the heart of maintaining a life of focus, a life of happiness. Never take for granted the beauty and wonder all around us; close to us. There is no greater feeling of joy, than wanting what we already have.


I recently took a leisurely walk around my neighborhood, and noticed lots of beautiful things I would have never noticed and enjoyed had I not been so grateful:

These three pictures were taken mere feet away from my front door.

And these four were taken in a hiking trail a mere hundred or so yards away from home.

I remember as a child thinking that the whole world is as green as the Hudson Valley NY. It wasn’t until I was an adult and more traveled, that I learned that few places in the world are as green as the Hudson Valley. Now my gratitude for my home can not be measured.

I believe every city/town/county has fruits to enjoy and be grateful for. We should all indulge and feel grateful for these fruits in our very own backyard.