Using time intentionally

Time is the most important resource we have. Mainly because it’s the most necessary, and the most  limited. There is both an unlimited amount of money and space to be had out in the world, and one can attain much more of both than they can make any valuable use of, pretty easily. Time however ……. our supply is very limited, but there is no limit to how much good use we can make of our time.

It is for this reason that the best kind of minimizing one can do, is to minimize wasted time. Get rid of time clutter. Every bit of our time should be spent intentionally. That is, every bit of our time should be spent toward a path of growth; working forward in our passions.

Let this not suggest that we must be busy busy busy all the time. Nothing can be further from the truth, that’s just ridiculous. There is always a time for mindless recreation, and relaxation. Recreation and relaxation are very much “value added” activities as they take the load off for a bit, so we can get back to center, and re-approach our passion focused and fresh. So recreation is great …… in moderation. After all “All work and no play makes Jack a dull dog.” What I AM saying here is that even play time must be intentional, possibly even planned. Planning it makes us mindful of how much time we spend doing it. And when we mentally compare it to all the other time we spend doing other activities, we get a better picture of whether or not this is value added time, or if it is just excess (and therefore draining value from our lives. Mainly because it is now robbing us of time better spent doing other things).

Intentional time does not have to be planned, it just can’t be idle time; time spent doing a lazy default activity (the couch is popular for this).

Intentionality should start with listening and obeying our bodies needs. If we are hungry …. eat. If we are tired ……. sleep. If we are hyper/energetic …… go for a run (or any physically exerting activity). Time spent following your health needs is NEVER wasted time.

Next, we should be spending our time toward growth. This is done either through pursuit of an interest/passion, or building relationships.

Lastly, unwind, relax. Make some time intentionally (not accidentally) to chill out and take in some entertainment. Just be careful that we only get just enough of this to bring us value; enough to bring us the levity we need. Once we are at the value “max” it’s then going to just rob us of time better spent on Health needs, personal goals, and relationships.

If we can do activities that COMBINE some of the above, now that is the most valuable time I can think of.