The Trouble with excess in crisis (COVID-19)

A minimalist life is humble, simple, below our means. There is a security and dignity in that. We don’t have more than we need and it’s low maintenance. While we may have the means for a bigger life (more things and property), we choose not to live at the limit of our means. Because of this we are usually better prepared for tragic events to befall us.
Those that live bigger lifestyles often do so at the limit of their means. They have a drive, a desire to have something to show for their means, for their wealth/status as far as they can financially take it.
Unfortunately doing that is extremely bold as the lifestyle created stands on the pillars of the wealth that generated it in the first place. One must have a lot of faith that they will continue to have those means if they wish to continue to support that big lifestyle.
That kind of boldness is a bit prideful and pompous as it suggests one has complete control over their life.
Unfortunately nothing can be further from the truth. And now with COVID-19, many are learning this the hard way.
With businesses closing for this recovery period, many have to downsize, and some are even closing permanently. As a result there are people going without the same regular income, and many are being laid off.
It is bad enough that these folks are now out of a job, and need money just for survival. But even more daunting is the need they now have to make enough money to upkeep the lifestyle they’ve already built. They’ve got a large mortgage, and two car payments to make. Since they were at the limit of their means before they were laid off, they will need to make just as much money as they did before just to be able to keep making these payments. …….. or find themselves in an extremely desperate stressful situation.
All this occurring from an arrogant false security that “I will always be this well off”. Anything can and will happen. Control is an illusion. Anything we have, can be taken away in a blink of an eye. The lord giveth, and the lord taketh away.
It is positively arrogant and selfish to live at the limit of our present means. Truth be told we should be setting aside a savings plan and some funds for giving back (to the community ….. I don’t like the word charity).
There is no more responsible way to live than living without excess financial commitments.