Ways to fight Cabin Fever. Have normalcy in quarantine.

Isolation got us down? Feeling disconnected? Perhaps feeling like we have been robbed of purpose (useless)? Well I have come up with a few tips and activities to keep us busy, keep our head strait, and or give some sense of purpose during this quarantine:

  1. Turn on the radio! Forgetting the fact that it is good to be informed on the latest COVID-19 news in our community, it is helpful to hear more than just the voices we are isolated with in our homes. It makes us feel like we are part of our community again. Like we are with other people; and in many ways we are.
  2. Use this time to catch up on activities at home we have been putting off. Whether it is basic home improvement/maintenance, or doing some basic home re-organizing ……. and God forbid …. minimizing.
  3. Pursue new ways to connect with those we are quarantined with.  For many of us, before COVID-19 we had busy lives and perhaps have not really spent time with our loved ones; even the ones we see every day. Being cooped up in our homes with “nothing to do” offers us an opportunity to connect with our families un-distracted, in ways we might not engage in otherwise. Ways more personal. Speak to each other; real talk, real “getting to know you”. Interaction games are a wonderful idea, but I am thinking perhaps more invasive than that.  Ask questions like “Do you have any regrets?” or “If you could eliminate one weakness or limitation In your life, what would it be?” I think many of us will understand our loved ones better. It is amazing how cutting out all external elements, affords us the opportunity to discover beautiful gems in our own homes.
  4. Remember that book we’ve been putting off reading? BOOYAA
  5. Remember, we live in a digital age, so quarantine is not quite quarantine anyway; not as long as essential workers are still providing our utilities. There are many forms of communication to the outside world, and one need merely have a computer or smart phone with internet access. There is:
    • Facetime (iOs)
    • Zoom (Video conference chat)
    • Text
    • Phone
    • Instant Messenger
    • Skype
    • And there are many many more.
  6. Go out for some fresh air and sunshine. Here in NY, quarantine does NOT mean confining us to our homes, It’s only shutting down businesses and avoiding contact with people less than 6′ away. With that being the case, going out for sunshine and fresh air is a must. Outdoor exercise is even better. At the very least we should be going out to our porches, decks, yards.
  7. Exercise. Any way we can.
  8. But ……… If we wanna be helpful during this time of crisis, if we are compelled to be part of the solution, there are still things we can do. For starters, know that just by following the directives of this quarantine, we are already helping plenty. By avoiding others, we are preventing the spread of the corona virus and setting the example. But if we want to help out more, remember that you and others are safe while you are in your vehicle. Likelihood is there are plenty people in your community that need supplies: toilet paper, bottled water, canned food. If we are willing to get these supplies when they stock and bring them to those in need, that would be most helpful. We could also reach out to local hospitals and COVID-19 collection sites to see if they need an extra set of hands. Places like that always need volunteers.


Even in during this state of affairs, we can adapt and and design a life of value and purpose. This very well may be the way things are for some time, so it’s not very realistic to take the stance that we have to put our lives in a holding pattern until it blows over. We must find a way to still grow through this.