Motivation for Minimalism: Connection

Recently I was inspired to ask myself a very important question. A question I should have asked myself a long long time ago. A question that should be the basis from which everyone designs their life. The question is:


“What do I want to get out of life?”


Right off, the knee jerk reaction is to answer the question with details of the individual things I desire. This would be a mistake because I believe the question is much broader than that. It demands that we reach right down into our soul to determine what it is in life that fills us up, gives us purpose. It must be simple. It must be one sentence or less.

It took me a day or so, but I finally found the definitive answer. It is not an easy question, it requires some thought. And if one is able to answer the question immediately, it’s usually because they are answering according to their immediate desire at that time. Either that, or they have been asked the question before. The reason why I am sharing this in a post is because my answer to the question is one that I believe to be true for all individuals who see the beauty in living a minimalist life.


The answer is: Connection

(one word. How’s that for simple?)


I want to be connected to people. All people. I want to have a huge variety of many different type of connections. A romantic connection, friend connections, family connections, fan connections, community connections, and a connection with God/nature. Truth is, I have always known the answer to this question; years before I even asked it. Creating a strong positive connection is the very reason why I have this website in the first place. I have a desire to make a difference in peoples lives, and I desire letting them make a difference in mine.

Is not connection the real fruit that life has to offer? I believe that it is only through minimalism that one can free themselves to have the time, energy, and clarity to establish strong positive connections of all the types mentioned above.

Don’t we all deep down inside really just want to be connected to each other?