Listen to your children, they bring perspective to your life.‏

Time With FamilyOne of the many wonderful things about children is that they keep things simple, and focus only on life’s essentials. Their minds are not riddled with all the fluff and ridiculous concerns and priorities that we adult humans have built up over the course of time; most of these are complete fabrications anyway.

I recall once I had a small argument with my wife about how she loads the dishwasher. “The glasses always go on the top rack on the sides. this allows for better use of space and eliminates the possibility of a broken glass. Why do I have to keep reminding you of this?!” I said to her (we have broken a couple of glasses on the bottom rack before). “You are the one who has the job of washing the dishes anyway, be grateful I even put a few in!” We went back and forth for about a minute when my three year old daughter walked up to me and said “No fighting daddy!” “But mommy is doing it wrong” I said to her calmly. “So what?” my daughter said. She rendered me silent. Dead silent. Why? Because she was right, the quarrel was ridiculous. The situation is not worth the emotional price my wife and I were paying. It’s a frigging set of dishes, ‘Take them out of the bottom rack and put them on the top one if you don’t like it Anthony. It takes 10 seconds’ (my internal monologue).

What was I so fuming about: That my wife forgot to load that the top rack the way I like it, and that somehow I lose “face” by letting her ignore my method? Really? What is “face” anyway? It’s the excessive respect for authority desired to feed ego. So basically it’s bullshit. An illusion created by the insecure to give them some sense of control.

Here is three more fictitious concepts that us humans have created that have no bearing in reality, but somehow many of us based our lives around: pride, honor,  and propriety. There are more, but I can’t think f them now. These are concepts that man has created and built entire institutions around that are complete fabrications. furthermore, they all come from the same place …… ego. They hold value only because we all believe they do. So yes, they do have bearing in the realities we have created, but not in real reality, not in natures reality, not in Gods reality. Therefore these concepts should never jeopardize any of the important concepts in God’s reality: love, compassion, kindness, caring, peace, discovery, growth, passion.

“So what?” she said. So what, indeed. Children have not yet learned of these fictitious concepts, and even if they have, they have not yet applied value to them. Truthfully, I don’t believe they ever need to learn of them. After all, these concepts have literally done nothing for us as a species except cause suffering and death.

Listen to your children. Try to be like them. Unlearn all the BS this world has taught you. And most of all, try your best to preserve their innocence. Love and growth/passion are the only things that matter. They’re the only things that ever mattered. Our children know that. Why is it that we have lost that?