With relationships, there is not a “right” answer or a “wrong” answer. There is only “What can I live with?”

Change ahead sign

Relationships are complex, and they require maintenance. This goes for ALL kinds of relationships; lovers, friends, brothers, sisters, parents, children, co-workers, even neighbors. But the equation for deciding whether or not to hold on to a relationship is still no different than that of holding on to our possessions and activities: Does this add any value to my life? Do the pros outweigh the cons?

The trouble is, we are often morally conflicted when it comes to our relationships. “Sure he is lazy, negative, and makes me feel bad about myself. But it would be wrong to just let him go.” “All she does is spend my money, and party all the time. But she really hasn’t done anything malicious.” I have heard many excuses like these.

Here is the truth. People that add no value to our lives are adding no value to their own life, and are likely using us as a crutch. By cutting them off we do both parties a favor. First, we rid our-self of dead weight and bring value back to our lives (obviously). Second, we force them to have to stand on their own whether it is financially, emotionally, spiritually, or whatever. In doing this we force them to make them-self a better person. In essence, by letting them go you are doing more for them than you would be holding on to this destructive relationship.