Life Axiom Number One: Things always have, and always will change. We must adapt to those changes to survive.


ChangeEverything in our world is in a constant state of flux. The reality around us is changing; technology is changing, fashions are changing, lifestyles are changing, family structures are changing, EVERYTHING IS CHANGING. Don’t blink, because you will miss it. This is an undisputed fact of life. As a result, we as people must adapt to these changes in order to stay current, be marketable, and ultimately to survive.

Being minimalists, we are in an ideal position to embrace this fact of life, and adjust to it. This is one of the beautiful things about living a life free of clutter and distraction; one can quickly transition to rid them self of outdated material, and incorporate something new in their life without having to take the time to clear space for it (mental, physical, and calendar space). The transition is unfettered.

With that being said, whatever our values are, I propose that we add “embrace change” to that list. By adding this to our list of values, we allow ourselves the flexibility to swap out, and swap in, other potential values to and from that list. Because make no mistake, there most likely will come a time when some of the things in life that we value will become obsolete, or be taken from us.


Example: In the early 1900’s America there were a plethora of proud business owners that were embracing the American dream and opened up their own pub. They were a proud people, and they took great joy in providing a service where the townsfolk could come visit them in merriment at the end of their work day and kick back a few suds while sharing laughs and tales.

Then prohibition passed.

Those bar owners that had “embrace change” on their value lists handled this much easier, and probably had a plan-B lined up. Those that didn’t were likely in a state of denial and rendered themselves obsolete.


Come to think of it, “embrace change” is the only item on our list of values that is fixed, other than the three core values of course (read my book). All other items are swappable.