Out with the old, In with the new.

I have always said that the things we own are only worth holding on to if they are things we use; if they are things that add value to our lives. To continue with this philosophy it is important to recognize when things no longer add value to our lives. When we no longer use them, or want to use them. It is important to have the mentality that all the material possession in our lives are replaceable. I would even go so far as to say that we should have the mentality that they are “in cycle.” By that, I mean that we that allow these things IN our lives with the knowledge that someday they will live out their usefulness and have to make their way OUT of our lives.


My favorite place in the entire world is NY city. I loooove Manhattan. The lights, the bustle, the buildings, the people, the events, the food, everything. It all just turns me on. As much as I am anti-excess consumerism myself, I like to see other people engaged in it; it’s like watching the scene of an accident. I don’t want anyone to get hurt, but I can’t look away. So I really love TIMES SQUARE.


As a result many years ago I acquired two beautiful prints to put on my walls. One of the NYC skyline just above the Brooklyn bridge at night, and the other a giant black an white one of the same skyline just below the Brooklyn bridge. I enjoyed gazing upon both these prints for many years. Recently however my enjoyment of them has diminished and been replaced with negative feelings. You see, the skyline photo was taken prior to 9/11 and therefore has the Twin Towers in the picture. Now that they have been replaced with our Freedom Tower, these pictures primarily serve as a constant reminder to me that true evil exists. I don’t want these feelings. So ……. out with the old.

Time to modernize. The small one is being replaced by a bright vivid print of Times Square, and the other by a new skyline picture taken on a bright sunny day from over Central Park (I think) with the Empire State Building dead center, and the Freedom Tower to the right. They are beautiful, and I am sure I will enjoy gazing upon them for many years to come.