Just go for a walk

When life gets complicated, when decisions become too much, never underestimate the value of a good walk outside. Benefits include:

  • Fresh air and sunshine have a way of putting us in a meditative state to clear our minds of clutter and allow us to approach life and problems with a clear head.
  • Being outside with nature can make us aware of the bigger picture. This has a way of just reminding how minuscule our problems really are. This in turn, has a way of simplifying them. The answer becomes clear.
  • The obvious benefit is that it get us out, gets us moving. We are human beings, our health necessitates that we should be outside and in a constant state of motion.


If it helps, listen to soothing music during the walk. But I also highly recommend no music distraction at all. It is just as therapeutic to listen to the world around us; the sound of the breeze, rustling of leaves, even the hum of highway traffic. Listen to the sounds of our community.