Baby Steps

Often times when it comes to setting goals, then commencing the journey toward that goal, we are discouraged by the tremendous process of getting to that goal. We have a tendency to step away from the specific details we should be focusing on right now, and look at the total process. It is at this point we are overwhelmed (leading to stress) and we have a hard time focusing on the single task we should be focusing on at this moment.

While having a scope of the total process is often valuable in planning our goals, it should not be part of our day to day thoughts and processes. Yes, the total scope should be revisited for the purposes of timeline maintenance, and making sure we are still on the right path, but ONLY for those reasons. And not that often. When we start thinking about the details of the future steps, and how many of them there are, THAT is when we get overwhelmed and so discouraged.

Instead …..focus only on one task at a time; all the way to completion of that task. Only move on to the next task once the previous is complete. The process of achieving our goals should be linear in design; with many baby steps toward getting there. By doing this we permit each baby step toward our goal to be it’s own “mini accomplishment” or “mini goal”. A goal worthy of its OWN mini-merits. When we do this, we will find that the process is smoother, more rewarding, and definitely more enjoyable.

I recall once speaking with a member of my bicycle club who did his own bike tour across the United States. This was over the course of three months; Atlantic to Pacific. I asked him “How is it that you kept motivated knowing you had SO MUCH LONGER TO GO?!” He said “I didn’t think of it as a LONG tour across the US. I just thought of it as many mini tours back to back. Each day I only thought of how far I’d be planning to go that day. I didn’t even keep track of how much progress I was making. I let GPS do that.”