Journal Entry 2/2/2020: Remember what Matters

This Friday I got so caught up in my pattern, my personal obligations, that I missed an opportunity to engage in some needed and deserved quality connection time with my daughter. It took some smart words from my daughter to snap me back to reality, to my true values to realize what I was missing.
We all slip up and make mistakes. That’s being human. But we should always have our core purpose and values close by, so it’s easy to get back on track. Having a life mantra, or a Mission Statement memorized and repeated out loud often, will make sure it’s never far from us.
In the case mentioned above, the mantra is:

“It is our relationships that make us great. Not our money or even image.”

Or as my daughter put it:

“I thought you were a Minimalist daddy. If you were, your know that time with me is more important than anything else you got going on your phone.” ……. she’s 7 …….. but also 100% correct.