Gratitude: The sure path to happiness

I have spent lots of time and many posts outlining various types of mental clutter. Thoughts and emotions we can do without, as they are unproductive and just drag us down.

But now I wan’t to discuss the one emotion that is the key ingredient in our minds for long sustainable happiness. This emotion is gratitude.

For starters, being grateful is being joyous, just as is. It is a mild state of euphoria. When one is grateful, neither anger, no sadness can creep in. One cannot feel gratitude in combination with any emotion other than joy.

Gratitude brings perspective (And vice versa…. actually). There is always something to be grateful for; I don’t care who we are. Whether it’s for the sunshine on our faces, or the grass under our toes, we are all enjoying God’s gifts (or natures gifts). Because this is true: When we are grateful for these things we are able to see life from a much broader perspective, as opposed to just simply seeing it from the goings on in the events of our lives right now.

Gratitude brings clarity. Being grateful for the riches we have opens our perception to be constantly aware of the elements in life that are truly important, and not just the elements that seem important this moment. This is invaluable in better decision making.

So smile and be grateful. All the time. There is no such thing as too much gratitude (just don’t be annoyingly thankful).

Be grateful for:

  1. the sunshine
  2. the cool breeze
  3. family
  4. friends
  5. a full belly
  6. a home
  7. fresh water

And remember that not everyone has these things. We should consider ourselves fortunate.

Also, gratitude is at the very foundation of facilitating a Minimalist lifestyle. The desire for abundance fades when we appreciate the riches we have.