Clutter in your Mobile

So my iPhone alerts me that there is an update that needs to be done for one of my apps. Upon attempting to run the update, my mobile spits out an error message stating that there is not enough storage available to update. TIME TO MINIMIZE. So I go to settings -> iPhone Storage to see exactly whats taking up all the storage. This is what I find:


<1GB Audio

2GB Video

117MB Photos

1GB Apps

1.36GB Documents and Data

9GB Other

(……… My phone is only has 16 GB in the first place.)

What is “Other”?

Well the short answer, and the only one that matters, is CLUTTER. That is, most of it is clutter. I learned that a portion of it is the iOS operating system itself. But most of it is caches and temp files, ……… clutter. And what an appropriate word that is too. When there is so much of it, and none of it is important enough to separate into it’s own category it’s called “OTHER”.  Hehehehe. Upon further research I learned that the best and only sure way to reduce the “other” down to the operating system, is to backup the device (on computer or cloud), and do a full system reset (full board wipe down to factory default); then restore from that backup.

So that’s what I did. While I was at it, I also minimized all the other excess on my mobile that didn’t qualify as “other.” This is something we should all do. It’s just as important as cleaning out our physical clutter.