Embrace the things you have ….. or just get rid of them.

LampPostI live in a very suburban area, and everyday to and from work I see many beautiful houses with lush well manicured lawns. Such wonderful properties people own. Their own small plots of land fertile with life and broad open space. And with all the times I have observed these properties on my commutes, do you know how many times I have seen people out on their lawn or even decks playing, barbecuing, or even just chilling out? NEVER. I have never seen this.


I’m starting to believe that nobody actually lives in these houses. There is no movement. The cars are parked in the exact same space as they always are. Sometimes I think that I am one of very few actors in a movie about me where there are no extras (ever seen the Truman Show). These people spend enormous amounts of money on mortgages for property they do not use. Such a waste.

If I had lawn property, I would always be seen on it. Not just mowing it, but gardening, chilling in a hammock, playing games. I would have friends over barbecuing. You would see a volleyball net set up, because that is what we’d be doing on Saturday. Now, personally I do not believe the maintenance of having a property like this is worth how little I would actually use it. That is the reason I don’t have a plot of land. But these people are not using their property at all, but they are still maintaining it ….. paying for it. Where is the value in that??
I am an outdoors kinda guy. I love to run barefoot in the grass. I love to feel the sunshine on my face. I love to feel the a cool breeze hit my cheek on a warm summer day. I even love the mud. And don’t even get me started on the smells (I’m really into scent). The earth is my playground. I enjoy all these sensations when I ride my bike, go hiking, go fruit picking at a farm, see an outdoor festival or concert. And I do these things constantly during the Spring/Summer/Autumn seasons. I enjoy all the outdoor fruits life has to offer, and I don’t even own any property to do it on. Ownership is unnecessary. On the other hand, these people DO own their own outdoor property, and they’re not enjoying any of it.
These properties are a wasted investment. Are they a valuable financial investment down the line? Most likely (Real estate usually pays off well). But our lives are happening right now. We should invest our time and money into activities and things that fulfill us right now. And unused property is not fulfilling anybody, it’s a waste.