Start your own personal Revolution

VforvendettaBig Business would have us believing that we must posses things we don’t need. That we must have an automobile with 200+ horsepower even though we all share the same road, and therefore have to follow the same speed limit. That we must serve “such n such” brand of succulent chicken at our table, even though it is all GMO. That we must wear this outfit/makeup/bra to attract, because we are not beautiful just the way we are. That we must be put on medication to negate the effects of your illness (likely brought on by all the tainted food that they have been selling us our entire life).

I turn on the TV and for a 30 min program I get to watch two commercial breaks, each with twelve commercials throwing suggestions at me; both clear and subliminal I’m sure. I open up a magazine and 50% of the pages are adds; and three inserts. I can’t walk down Main St without seeing billboard signs everywhere with adds.

Government would have us believing that in order to stimulate the economy, we need to buy more. Govt can, and is being bought, and therefore does not act on the interests of all the people. Only 1% of the people (less than that even). So govt cannot be trusted to mitigate the problem. So it falls on US.

As if you needed another reason to live a minimalist lifestyle, how about you purify your mind and body of all these toxins. How about you do your small part in giving power back to the common man. Lose the TV that is feeding you informational garbage. Quit the impulse shopping that is having you buy things you don’t need, and don’t enrich your life. Shop local when you do shop, and help boost your local economy. That money creates jobs in your community, growth, and ultimately that money comes back to you. That’s right.  Money spent toward Big Business usually goes toward some “big shots” third summer home. Get your food from a local farmers market. That food is fresh, all natural, and has no GMO’s (most of the time).

If you make these simple changes in your life, then others will pick up on it too. Before long this will make a big difference on our economy nationally. Start your personal revolution.