Why Minimalism (really)?

It took until now for me to really be able to articulate the true core “Why”, “Why Minimalism?”

Most people just think it’s all about downsizing ones physical life to few possessions, thereby freeing themselves up to do what they want to do.

Those of us who are more educated in the concept know it’s all about de-cluttering our life of all elements (physical and otherwise) that add little or no value to our lives. This frees up our time, mental concentration, space, and money to be able to focus on only the elements that add value to our lives.

Both these descriptions are correct, but I don’t believe they really capture the “why.” Not fully. This is because all of this is predicated on the concept of “value.” It’s all about the things we “value” in life. Unfortunately “value” is subjective, and a very poorly defined word. After all, one could claim that they greatly value their 100 acre property, Porsche collection, 1.5 million dollar home, extensive wardrobe, and entourage. One can claim this with a strait face because these are the THEY value.

(Side Note: Just on general principal, one can not possibly value something they don’t personally make use of. Anything kept and left in storage is unvalued property)

The truth is this: At it’s core, minimalism is about having an awareness of the elements in life that have “true value”, and true value is not subjective. It is in fact, completely objective. And the only thing in this entire reality that truly has any value, is life. Human life ranked highest (if we have to rank species).

All the things in our lives, from the material possessions, to the activities, are supposed to function to facilitate flourishing life. Not our own life alone, but others (in case that was unclear).

This is the true lifestyle of a minimalist.

Those of us that live by this principal ….. are already minimalists; whether we realize it or not.


Believe that most people hold people higher than things?? Really??

Then why do I see:

  • Men say “I love my car”, but “I like my friends?”
  • Consumers trampling over each other on Black Friday for the latest and greatest tech.
  • Consumers waiting on line Thanksgiving Day night for that tech instead of spending the time with their families.
  • Parents too busy adding an extension on to their home to spend any time with their little children.

NO, most people DON’T put people, put humanity higher than things. They put their own selfish material wants first. This is the world we live in.


Minimalism is having a strong sense of humanity. Where people are the primary focus, our own personal needs come second, and there is no third. Having a life of little or no clutter, is just a result of this mentality.


Why Minimalism?

Because only people matter.