What’s the next Challenge, the next Change?

Children are in a constant state of flux. They are always changing, both physically and mentally. Without even intending to be. This is because the world is still new to them and their curiosity compels them to explore, discover, and acquire more knowledge. They are also in a school (hopefully) that is a constant resource with a wealth of experiences and knowledge. THIS is why a child’s behavior, interests, vocabulary, and knowledge change/grow noticeably from one year to the next. Children are not doing this purposefully course; it’s just a child’s natural drive to be always trying new things. They are also in an environment where change is being imposed upon them (school).

Into adulthood ………. not so much. For too many of us, our drive is diminished, curiosity gone, and the environment we are in is not exactly inspirational. Our pattern of life has become steady. Every day is a copy of the previous one. Life is set to “rinse and repeat.” How can we expect to have any growth if we are stuck in this pattern? This stagnancy of life leads to boredom, and potentially depression.

Because of this, as adults we should be purposefully seeking change. We must purposefully seek challenge. Then, only then, will we have any growth as people. When life becomes fixed into a holding pattern, the question we should be asking ourselves is “What’s the next challenge, the next change?” Because without change, without growth, we are just dead weight; obsolete. And being in the mundane pattern for long will dull our senses, and make us sloooooow; both mentally and physically.


Simply having goals is not good enough. Our goals must force us to do things we have never done before.

Example: Setting a goal to build a new wing to the house may seem like a growth opportunity, but if building on the home was last years goal (and the task was completed), then we’re not exactly venturing on to new territory are we?

Set goals that force us to explore potential new talents, not ones that simply force us to use already well established talents.

These goals don’t have to be big. They can be tiny enough to be not even worth mentioning, but they do have to force us to step outside our comfort zone. Personal growth only happens when we do things that take us outside our comfort zone. We can drastically improve our lives, escape the “rinse and repeat” cycle, just by setting mini-tasks, or mini-goals. A new one to accomplish every week. Just something to shake up our normal pattern of life. Something as simple as “I will try roller skating for the first time this weekend.”

Sooo what’s the next challenge, the next change?