True Value – My Minimalist Meetup Group

Growth can only come with person-to-person connection, with two way communication. One must form healthy relationships with their family, friends, and community in order to evolve.

It is for this reason I will be hosting a Minimalism Meetup group events to occur periodically (I haven’t yet decided how often). It’s not enough that I reach people by writing posts and make the occasional video. Reaching people requires a real connection of some kind. Understanding requires “two way” communication.

In this group we will be discussing Minimalism basics (the philosophy, decluttering, best practices, and eliminating toxic elements in our lives), but even more importantly, we will be discussing the things of value; focusing on the elements that DO add value to our lives. Things like relationships, health/wellness, growth, and passion.

These meetups are to be an open forum where we can all freely voice our opinions, share our experiences, and explain our POV. I will be acting as facilitator and moderator only. The group itself will fuel the discussion, and it will be called “True Value.”

For the time being, these meetups will have to occur online via Zoom, as we still live in COVID times. Once this crisis passes, I fully intend to have in-person meetups in the Hudson Valley area. Please check the calendar for the dates, times, and Zoom link.

These meetings will kick off the new year. Stay tuned for more info on dates, times, and topics.

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