The Empty Space

As I gaze upon the beautiful print upon my wall (as I often do), I come to the realization that largely the reason why many of the prints on my walls draw much of my attention and appreciation, is because they stand alone. Isolated. That is how I decorate my home. I do not adorn my walls with lots of decor. Whereas many see fit to fill their walls with lots of pictures, prints, drapery, and such, I prefer only one or two (possibly three) pieces of decor that I have carefully chosen to adorn each wall with. I pick a piece of wall decor that I know I will enjoy looking at for the years to come, and give it its own space. Not just enough space for the piece to fit, no, no. But enough space so that nothing else is obstructing my view. Enough space so that the wall its on, frames the picture.

I have found often that when many of us fill our walls with lots of decor, it becomes a distraction. There is no one piece that grabs our attention because there is too much busyness going on. The pictures on the walls may be beautiful, but we’d never know it, because they are all bunched together. Works of art, true works of art, are best viewed in isolation.

This same principle can be applied to many things in our lives, can it not? From the things we own taking up space in our home, to the people and activities we choose to spend our time with.

“The empty space serves to frame the content we DO have.”