Shake things up


I have said countless times before that life is all about relationships and experiences. It is obvious that we cannot have many life experiences unless we are consistently having new experiences. It then follows that we cannot have new experiences unless we break the constant repetition of old experiences. In other words: We have got to break from our daily pattern of life often, and try new things (shake things up).

In my opinion, the biggest appeal to living a minimalist lifestyle has always been having the freedom to go to new places, and try new things. The truth is, new experiences are absolutely necessary to grow as people. One cannot acquire true wisdom with their nose in a book all the time, or even surfing the web constantly. Wisdom can only be gained from real world experience (which includes those things too) from a variety of sources, most of which require social interaction (which brings us to relationships).

Need more motivation? Consider this:

Think of your absolute favorite dish. The absolute most delicious thing you have ever tasted. Now consider how many dishes you have ever had in your life. NOW consider how many dishes exist in the world. I think we all can acquiesce to the fact that what we have been exposed to is just a mere fraction of the number of dishes that are out there. From that, we can infer that no matter what our favorite dish is, there must be one we would like even better out there in the world. Many in fact. I’ll even go far enough to say that it is likely we will never get to taste the dish that is the absolute best tasting one in our lifetime.

This logic can be applied to anything: favorite movie, favorite song, favorite sport, favorite vacation spot, favorite leisure activity, etc.

Is this not reason enough to grab life by the horns, and experience as much in life as possible.