New Year, New Goals

Here we go again. It is time to start the year with the most important task. The task that is the jumping off point for the year. The catalyst for things to come. And that task is to sit down, consider, and list our goals for the year.

I can’t stress enough the importance of this task. And I really mean it when I say we have to clear our surroundings of any distraction, clear our minds of any current stresses and distractions, sit down, do not feel hurried, and consider our goals for the year. However long it takes.

It’s important that we write these goals down. On a pad, a tablet, a white board, whatever. Important that we keep this list and refer to it often as a constant reminder. You see ……. our goals are not real to us until we write them down. Simply remembering them makes them somehow fictitious, and therefore easier to ignore.

During this same “sit down” it is also wise to outline a plan for attaining these goals, or at the very least, write down some initial steps.

These goals don’t have to be grand. They can range anywhere from “Visit my sick aunt once a month”, to “Learn how to roller skate”, to “Lose 50 pounds.”

Completing this task is best way to go into (or start) the new year, acting as a springboard to get us started off right. Once this task is complete, we immediately feel rejuvenated and enthusiastic going in the new year.