Minimalism, the beginning

Green-flagWhat is Minimalism??

Well quite simply, Minimalism is the principal by which we can create focus in our lives by discarding all the elements that do not add any value to it. Now this is a very general definition. Of course I will elaborate. Altogether there are three main steps.

It all starts with determining what we value. This could be our family, friends, career, community, our passion (whatever that may be), or anything really. One persons values are very different from the next persons, but everybody values something. It may even help to make a list of these things, just so that way we are perfectly clear about them.

Second is to look deep and hard at all the things in our lives; all the possessions we own, all the actions/activities we do, how we spend our time, and who we spend our time with. Look at all of these things and activities individually and determine if they are serving these values.

Third, for all the possessions, activities, and even people that are not adding value, discard them. Eliminate them from our lives. It’s just that simple.

Once we can do this, we open our time up to focusing on all the things we DO value. We become happier, more productive people.

 Now like I said earlier, These are just the basics. There are nuances, subtleties, and deeper explanation into concepts like value and time. In future posts I will be discussing all of these things. Additionally I will be writing about examples in my own life of how I make certain choices from a minimalist perspective. Every now and then I will also be posting what I like to call minimalist “Life Hacks” to save time, space, and/or money.

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