Minimalism at Disney

It always brings a smile to my fact when I see small examples of how technology improves convenience, improves efficiency. How technological advancements just fall into minimalism. I saw one such example this past week on my vacation to Disney World. Apparently when we booked our resort package for our stay, it entitled us to these groovy wristbands (mine is shown in this posts pic) that we would wear during our entire stay on the resort.

These wristbands serve to function as our access passes, and credit toward our amenities we purchased with our Disney package. No tickets, no vouchers, just these wristbands. We each got one. Furthermore, we have the ability to link the wristbands to our credit card. That way all charges on Disney real estate can be made using the wristband (not just those that are included in our Disney package). So the wristband essentially becomes our ID and currency during our stay on Disney real estate. No need to carry a wallet, none at all. How’s that for efficient?

As if THAT wasn’t minimalist enough, the look of the bands themselves is pure elegance. Sleek, simple, modern, very attractive.

Everyone who is included in the Disney package can receive their band in the mail before the time of their vacation (this is recommended). They can also choose the color of their band from an array of colors.

During my entire stay in Disney World, I acquired only three material possessions for myself to take home with me: A David Bowie T-shirt, a “build your own” astromech droid toy (don’t ask), and this wristband. Out of all of these things, the thing I most ¬†value is the one souvenir I acquired before even going on the vacation.