How do you define success?

On-TargetThe retired CEO of a fortune 500 company regrets not spending enough time with his children. Watching them grow, laughing with them, Teaching them all of life’s Subtle lessons, being an integral part of each others development. And now he feels disconnected from them now that their older, he barely knows them. And they have no interest in seeking his company. He is lonely in his 10 acre property complete with garden, stables, 20 car garage, Theater, Pool, and a full staff of servants (of course).

The retired Toll Booth Collector regrets not spending more time becoming “somebody”. Working hard, going to college, studying, using his talents to make his mark in the world, becoming wealthy. He feels useless, another link in the chain, obsolete. Now he is in the backyard of his tiny piece of property (rented) with his son, daughter, their kids, and wife having a barbecue wondering why he didn’t do something more with his life.

These are both very common situations.

So which man is rich, and which man is poor?

No matter what you choose, your right!

The truth is, only they can decide how successful they are. And they are both in this moment miserable about the riches that they don’t have, and completely ignoring the riches that they DO have.

But I will tell you this. I have heard many more old men say “I wish I had spent more time with my kids” then “I wish I had concentrated more on a career”.

This is one reason why I have chosen a minimalist life.