Growth is outside our comfort zone.

We can’t be better unless we try something new.

The first step in our becoming the next best version of ourselves is always in doing something we don’t quite feel comfortable with; something that makes us nervous, Something out of character, and/or something that puts something we value at risk.

This action doesn’t have to be grand. It can be tiny. As tiny as:

  • Talking to a stranger we have no reason to talk to.
  • Finally getting the nerve to ask that woman out on a date.
  • Trying sushi for the first time.
  • Taking a seminar on …… blacksmithing, for no other reason than pure curiosity.
  • Taking a drive to a part of town we’ve never been before just to see what is there.

Not only does taking a small uncomfortable step give us the courage to take a bigger step next time, BUT it also potentially exposes us to new ideas, new possibilities. Yes, even the smallest of actions can do that for us.

We should do one thing every week, one small thing, that makes us feel uncomfortable. Do this every week, and in just a couple months time we will see a difference in ourselves.