Grateful for: Abundance and Health

If we have full bellies and a roof over our heads, we are in the top 50% of the world. If we have plumbing in our homes, access to clean water, we are in the top 20% of the world. And we don’t even need to be in that upper stratosphere of prosperity to cultivate happiness. There are people with much less than us who manage to cultivate happiness just fine.

So lets take the time every day to let ourselves be grateful for:

  1. Fresh water flowing into our very homes.
  2. Access to fresh food.
  3. Shelter, complete with privacy.
  4. Means for adequate transportation.
  5. Waste disposal.
  6. Clothing and warmth.
  7. Healthcare.
  8. Our fully functioning, healthy bodies.
  9. Access to media and resources (phone, electricity, internet, heck ….. even RADIO is something to be grateful for, I listen to the radio all the time).

It is important to remember that once the basic necessities of life are met, our happiness is pretty much up to the mental state we choose. This happiness can be cultivated through gratitude. If it helps, here is an study that discusses the correlation between income and happiness: Money Buys Happiness? Not After You Hit Six Figures.