Just GO!

Go fast, go slow, go at a crawl pace if that is all you can do, but GO!

“Go” and proper diet are the answer to the overwhelming majority of health problems these days.

There are many many ways that one can GO. One can GO biking, running, mountain climbing, kayaking, boating, hiking, dancing, even walking. Whatever you can manage to do that gets your heart racing, and body sweating is what you gotta do.

Can’t move your legs? Move your arms.

Don’t have the time? Oh I see, you have bigger priorities than your health, like making sure you catch Game of Thrones. Perhaps American Idol, or America’s Got Talent. What could possibly higher priority than your health and wellness? (rhetorical, there is no greater priority).

Right now you should be concerned about how to incorporate a regular regimen of “GO” in your life. Make it priority. This combined with a reasonable diet will neigh eliminate all of these ailments: heart disease, obesity, cancer, allergies, and just disease in general.

I can not prove this. I do not have a PHD in Health and Wellness. But proof is not necessary, and neither is a PHD. I cannot ignore the fact that everyone that has a regular regimen of “GO” in their life have significantly fewer ailments, and neither should you. look around. The active are thriving, and the lazy are dying. People continue to pretend they do not notice. People continue to act as if their ailments were due to circumstances beyond their control. Yet I look at the lifestyle they lead, and I look at the active lifestyles of those in similar situations as they, and I see them thriving. The petty excuses of “It’s genetic”, “it was an accident”, or “It just happened. Just a random occurrence” don’t really hold much weight against the results one will see just by looking around at people’s lifestyles and the results of those lifestyles. One need not have a PHD, one merely needs some common sense.

I urge everyone to take responsibility of their health and wellness, and live a “GO” lifestyle. The only alternative is illness and disease.


“I only have one speed……GO”

Charlie Sheen

(poor character to use for this essay/post, but it still applies. Plus, I just like Charlie Sheen)

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