Extend kindness this Holiday Season

I think …… we should take a different approach toward this Holiday season this time around (and going forward for that matter).

Usually, we spend the season all in a crazy rush. We are shopping, planning, shopping, planning, planning, shopping, cooking, planning, meeting, shopping, shopping. Then by the time we get to the holiday we are exhausted. We don’t even want to eat the food we prepared. We do anyway, we eat too much, get tired again, take a nap, then BOOM, holiday over. Barely had time to connect with our friends and family. Is this really what we want? I don’t think so.

Instead, lets take it a little easier this year. No running around. Much less consuming. In fact, little to no shopping at all (yeah I said it). Give loved ones our time. Have some real communication, less planning.

Furthermore, lets devote some time to extend kindness to our fellow man. Whether it is by doing volunteer work for the poor, or just here and there during our everyday activities. Take the time to give time, help, or just some kind words to people. To ALL people. To the people around us, and to the people who need kindness so desperately.

Is this not what the holidays are really all about anyway?

We are all different people, with different belief systems. Varying values with regard to politics. Varying social classes. Varying lifestyles. I am understanding and respectful of all of these, but I believe we ALL can get behind, and practice acceptance and kindness.

Can’t we all just practice kindness?