Choose a Simple Life

We all have heard, and possibly even said the phrase “Life is complicated.” We stress over the pressures of work deadlines, family obligations, property upkeep, raising children, and future planning. These are the things, the elements, that we have determined constitute a “normal” life.

I repeat: These are the elements that we have determined constitute a “normal” life. You see, life in itself is not complicated at all. It’s easy. It is WE who make it complicated by building a life to meet the following criterion:

  • Sustainability (viability)
  • Satisfies our passions, or offers value
  • Conforms with the status quo
  • Meets to others expectations of us

Let me begin by saying that only the first two bullet points are necessary to build a satisfying life. And with only those two to satisfy ….. life is easy.

But all of us, from the moment we are born, are subjected to influence about what type of life we are supposed to have:

  • “You have to find a partner and get married”
  • “You have to have children”
  • “You need to have large property”
  • “You need to be successful” (By the monetary definition of the word)

We are told that this is the standard that will make us happy. WE ARE TOLD WHAT WILL MAKE US HAPPY. If not by our mentors, then we were told by society at large. We are certainly influenced via the media of this standard.

Well …….. I am here to say, living simply is an option that is available to us; ALL of us. A life with less drama, less obligation, less clutter, and as a result, more fulfillment. A life where we can take back ownership of our own time.

I am not saying that we should quit our jobs and live in a studio apartment and go flip burgers at McDonalds (although there is no shame in that either). I am saying that our lives would be simple, more manageable, more satisfying if we would stop taking on obligations just because it’s what is expected of us; because it’s what the herd is doing.

Our only debt is to ourselves, and to the commitments we’ve made so far.

Marriage, children, A big house, a six-figure income. These life elements are not for everybody. It is up to us to decide what kind of life we want. And once we cut out the clutter of what is expected of us, we will find that our life is a well-manicured simple life of value.

“Stress comes from knowing what is right, but doing what is wrong.” Larry Winget