Be kind

kindnessLife has only three very basic values and one of them is to create and maintain positive relationships (get my book to learn about the other two values). I can go into great detail about the importance of cultivating strong family relationships, friendships, and romantic relationships (lovers). But I wouldn’t be telling anyone anything we don’t already know.

But what about our relationships with neighbors, acquaintances, and even strangers?  “Huh. Uhhhh we don’t have relationships with neighbors, acquaintances, and strangers. That’s kinda what makes them neighbors, acquaintances, and strangers. Duh.” I’m afraid that I strenuously disagree.

We do in fact have a relationship with every single person we pass by in a hallway. It’s small, subtle, too small to even be noticed, but it’s  there nonetheless. In fact, these tiny relationships are the pieces of the relationship we have with all of humanity as a whole. Our relationship with humanity is reflected in how we treat strangers; this is obvious. But what might not be so obvious is that how we treat strangers will determine our relationship with humanity; our feelings toward people in general.

With that being said, BE NICE TO PEOPLE. To everybody. If there are some neighbors/acquaintances/strangers that we don’t particularly care for, or make questionable decisions, just remember that since they’re neighbors/acquaintances/strangers in the first place we don’t know enough about their situation. So we are in no position to judge. So be kind.

Cultivating a positive relationship with humanity is simple. Here are some tips/examples:

  • If we see an elderly woman having trouble lifting her groceries into her car in the parking lot, help her out.
  • Smile at people.
  • A simple “Good morning” goes a long way.
  • Courtesies:
    • Let someone ahead of us in line or in traffic.
    • Give up our seat to a person in need (particularly the pregnant or elderly).
  • Idle chit chat while waiting on line.
  • If you see something, say/do something:
    • A small child left alone.
    • A bag left alone.
    • An abusive relationship in progress.

These are just some examples off the top of my head. But by now my point is clear.

In the eyes of God we are all brothers and sisters. It’s time we started treating each other like it. Furthermore, we never know what may be going on in someones life. A small act of kindness could renew someone that would otherwise be broken.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more! I’ll never forget, it was many years ago now but I was driving to my hometown from college for Christmas one year, and as I drove up to the toll booth for a bridge I needed to cross (this was before the days of EZ Pass), I was told by the attendant that the person in front of me had paid for my toll. I looked ahead as the car in front of me pulled away and saw the elderly couple inside give me a small smile and wave. It was very warming and uplifting, and I of course immediately took the money I had had ready and used it to pay for the next person’s toll. Then as I pulled forward and saw them look up at me as they got the news, I got to watch their feeling of warmth as I gave them the same small smile and wave. Sure enough I saw them then hand over money to continue the chain of generosity.

    It was such a little thing; such an insignificant part of any person’s day or travel, yet it moved me immensely that day and I continue to remember that moment fondly now 16 years later. When humans actually take the time to be good to one another, it’s a really rewarding experience. I try to keep that in mind in every action I take, every day.

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