Holiday Shopping

This holiday season I challenge you to make a cheerful effort for gift giving, by gifting smart and from the heart:

  • Give more of yourself and less material possessions.
  • Gift in experiences.
  • Avoid the corporate chains and online retailers (Amazon, Ebay, and such), and support local businesses. The best effort we can do is to support our community.
  • Take calculated chances with the gifts you give. There is no fun or growth in staying safe. Mom doesn’t need another pair of socks,  just like the ones you got her last year. And if they don’t like your gift, it was worth a shot; they’re just grateful for the thought and effort anyway.
  • Give a playful gift. One that all parties can enjoy right there during the holiday party.
  • Gift something absurd, and completely ridiculous just for a laugh. How’s THAT for an experience?
  • Don’t just make the family gathering an experience, make the gift shopping an experience too. Go into strange “mom and pops” stores you would normally never go into, with absolutely no plan of purchase at all. You might be surprised at what might catch your eye. This is where the “calculated risk” will likely come into play.

Make holiday shopping fun again, and don’t take it too seriously. Make it playful. This is a time for joy, and we don’t have to prove anything.

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