Stay forever young.

ImmatureUnfortunately the human condition dictates that as we get older we will be less likely to try new things. That we will close our minds to new ideas and concepts. People as they get older become very prideful of the years they have put into this lifetime, and the “profound wisdom” they have accumulated. Often they become so prideful that they close off themselves to even listening to what someone younger than them has to say.


Don’t get me wrong. I do believe that they are wise indeed. But the world is changing, and therefore the people in it need to change as well; the old and the young. Anyone who has ever boasted “I’m set in my ways”, “The music was better in my day”, or “I have no interest in new technology” has basically chosen to be obsolete in the modern world.

Instead of giving in to the natural mental aging process, they can do what I do. Fight against it. Try new things, listen to new music, get involved with the latest social/technological developments. Let’s not let our pride in doing things the way we are used to doing them inhibit our growth as people. Instead we should live each day with a passion to learn more.

Too many of these people believe that standing steadfast in their beliefs and established pattern of life makes them strong. Unfortunately they couldn’t be more wrong. Strength truly lies in one’s ability to adapt.

Want for nothing

checkered-flagOne can easily put them self in a position to want for nothing, simply by choosing to.

Once a person gets past acquiring the necessities in life (food, water, shelter, transportation) the list of things they want should be pretty small. The problem people have is that we focus on the material possessions we want in life (or think we want) without considering the end game of why we want them. Instead, we should be asking ourselves what we want to get out of our life. Once we know the answer to that question, then we can decide what resources and tools we need to facilitate the life we want. In the end we will find that this list of tools and resources is a lot shorter than the list of possessions we thought we wanted when we were focused on our most immediate worldly desires rather than our long-term goals.