Mental Trappings of Adulthood

From what I have found in my observations, so many adults, parents especially, have chosen to limit themselves mentally to conform to a standard that they believe is expected of them in order to be an adult. I do believe it is our responsibility for our safety, and our children’s safety and health, to follow a code of conduct. However beyond health and safety, all the standards created to constitute “adulting” are just strait ridiculous. It’s just mental clutter limiting ourselves, limiting our freedom, and especially our individuality.

We spend our entire childhood with our parents keeping our “hand out of the cookie jar”, only so we can grow up and STILL not take from the cookie jar because now were are held to a standard; we have to be an example.

This is no way to live. TAKE THE DAMN COOKIE!

News Flash: You are an adult now. You can do whatever the hell you want to do. Do you want that cookie? TAKE IT. Why do you care what anyone else thinks?! The perk of being an adult is that it no longer matters what anyone else thinks.


Take that cookie.


Take the day off from work and have crazy uninhibited sex in the middle of the day with your partner.


Drop all the ridiculous obligations that are expected of you, that add no value to your life whatsoever.


Take a spontaneous road trip for a weekend with no destination in mind.


None of this is taboo. It is your right as an adult. There are those who will judge you, but you know what, screw em. Those people are miserable anyway, and are likely envious of you.

My Philosophy on Relationship Problem Resolution

These are just a few quotes I live by, regarding keeping/maintaining good relationships:

Don’t play the “blame game”; nobody wins.

Just because you did not cause the problem, doesn’t alleviate you from any responsibility to solve the problem. All parties are still responsible.

Rather than focusing on what we can do to change our partner, focus instead on how we can change ourselves to bring out the best in our partner.

Don’t put the burden of “making you happy” on your partner. Make yourself happy!

Unnecessary Responsibility

Here is another load of mental and emotional baggage the best of us often carry:

Responsibility for other peoples happiness.


Outside of our immediate families, this is not our burden to bare; and even then, our responsibility only goes so far. In the end it is up to the individual. I myself have taken on this responsibility from time to time in an effort to “keep the peace.” But this is always a loosing battle. It only adds undue stress.

Truth of the matter is, regarding other peoples problems, we can only provide CARE, not CURE.

Show kindness, compassion, and concern. That is enough. We cannot remedy other peoples problems. Taking on such burden could lead to anxiety, and depression.