Weather the Storm

It is easy to keep a simple and disciplined life when we are set in a pattern that is uninterrupted by external (or internal) variables; the only difficulty is starting/establishing such a life. The true test of someone’s strength however, is in their ability to adapt to changes in their pattern of life. Their ability to stay disciplined when other temptations rear their ugly heads. Their ability to remain calm, and approach obstacles with rationality, and not freak out, when things don’t go according to plan.

Now that is easy for me to say, as even I have been known to FREAK OUT when a life changing event comes along that I did not plan for, and did not cause. But this is still true nonetheless.

When something happens to us that shakes our very foundation, I have found that it is important to remind ourselves that it is ok to mess up. It is ok to fall. We are still important, we are still loved. THAT knowledge will give us the strength to pick ourselves up and grow again. That knowledge will permit us to remain positive and focused, so that way we sleep the night, and approach a new day with a positive attitude.