Ways to Celebrate Halloween during COVID-19.

Personally, I believe that Halloween can be Halloween as usual despite our current pandemic. We can still wear a mask ……. it’s Halloween and encouraged; pick a costume where we would be wearing one anyway. We can wear gloves. Put the candy in a sack (or bucket), and we don’t have to touch the candy after that for any reason for 72 hours (the time it takes for the virus to die). Easy and safe. Unlike the other Holidays, we don’t have to touch any other people directly anyway.

BUT, if we are still feel compromised, or just don’t think there will be enough folks participating to make it worth while, the ARE other ways to celebrate Halloween this year:

  1. Hand out Candy – This is quite safer than being a Trick or Treater, as we are the only one touching the candy for as long as we have it. This is actually what I will be doing this Halloween. I will be giving out full size candy bars to the kiddies, and tiny liquor bottles to their accompanying adults.
  2. Horror-A-Thon – Take the day off and watch Horror movies all day long. Pig out on Pizza, and finger foods.
  3. It has come to my attention that Drive in Movie Theatres are showing Halloween features during the holiday. Safe in our car is safer than safe in our home.
  4. Go House Hunting – That is, go for a drive and check out all the awesome Halloween displays people have put up in their yards. We might be surprised at all the elaborate displays people have put up; sometimes accompanied with music and animatronics. Don’t hit a Trick or Treater, unless of course they are not wearing a mask. 😉 Sam will be grateful.
  5. Prepare for NEXT Halloween. Go to your local Spirit Halloween or party store, and whatever money you save on candy and Halloween costumes this year, spend on new home Halloween décor or next years costume. Go to the Spirit Halloween FB page an website for coupons. FYI: I am not sure about Halloween DAY itself, but I do know that the days Spirit Halloween is still open following Halloween, everything is seriously discounted. I am talking 40-60% off everything.
  6.  Any combination of the above.

No matter what we choose, have a happy Halloween.