Turning 40

Just this week I turned 40 years of age, and Lately ……. I’ve been reflecting. I’ve been looking back on my life considering the significance, the importance, the effects of all the things I have done. More than ever, I have been questioning with doubt:


Am I having an impact in the world?

Am I doing the right thing?

Am I surrounding myself with all the right elements (people and things)?


I DO know that now more than ever, Minimalism was the right path; of this, I am certain. But I really question if theĀ elements IĀ amkeeping close are still adding value to my life now at this new stage.


I believe this is a healthy practice for all of us to do periodically in our lives. A “life audit” as it were; and just like I am now, we all should make great changes to suit an ever changing you.