The relationships we cultivate

Both the most rewarding, and the most difficult life tasks we as people have to take on, are the establishment, and maintenance of good relationships. Relationships of all kinds: family, friends, lovers, coworkers. And the stronger the relationship, the more difficult it is to maintain. I wish I could offer a fool proof formula for doing this. I wish I could walk us step by step in a procedure on how to keep strong relationships. But I can’t. I don’t think anyone can. Many millennia from now our species may colonize on other planets and establish expeditious interstellar travel, but men will still not understand how the woman’s mind works. That was meant to be humorous, but the point is still valid. I have little doubt that the human equation is one far more complex than any out there in the astros; inner space is more complex than outer space. All I have to offer are some general tips and guidelines from the point of view of a minimalist:

  • Communication – And by that I mean 70% listening, 30% speaking. Everything is on the table. We can not be afraid to put our heart out there.
  • Empathy/Understanding – To go along with listening, we must put ourselves in their shoes. Let go of our own problems, and extend comfort.
  • Compromise – There are personal sacrifices that need to be made in every relationship. Every, single, one.
  • Patience – Pick our battles. Let the small things slide. Good things come to those who wait.
  • Make room for the relationship to cultivate. Both in time, and mental energy. A mind too cluttered with many worries can’t focus on a relationship in need of attention.

Now the truth is most of these points we are already aware of. They’re practically cliche. But I think we all need constant reminder of these points, as our selfishness derails us from this path too often ……. doesn’t it?