The healing power of sunlight and fresh air

IMG_1021As long as the sunlight shines upon your face, know that God loves you.

There is nothing like sunlight on your face, and fresh air in your lungs to remind you how insignificant your problems are. That all the best fruits life has to offer are the ones you already have. That in the larger scheme of things, there is no reason to hold on to your anger, frustration, or any negative feelings.

We all go through tough times in life. Times when we feel worthless, lonely, hurt, useless. When this happens I recommend that we go outside for some fresh air and sunlight, and spend a good amount of time clearing our heads while we let the sunlight and wind wash over us. The benefits:

  1. ┬áIt reassures us that no matter what we have going on in our lives, we’ve still got the fresh air and sun; and that’s wonderful. We still have the sunrise and sunset on our side. And for those of us who believe, that is a sign that God still loves us. Furthermore, it reminds us that all the wonderful gifts in life are the ones we already have.
  2. It serves as a reminder that no matter what problems we have in life, these problems are insignificant compared to the vastness of our reality. Knowing that makes us that much less concerned over these “problems” in the first place. There is even the likelihood that these problems are solved just by this realization. I.E, the problem was just in our heads. One way or the other, our problems are made small.
  3. It allows us to step outside of ourselves for a moment or two. To cool down and re-focus. To elaborate on 2, by being reminded of how insignificant our problems are next to the vastness of our reality, we can then look at our problems from a more objective point of view. Solutions tend to me more clear when we can do that.