Spring Cleaning!

It’s that time folks. Time to do your yearly downsizing of stuff.

This doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Handling it in baby steps will make it far less stressful. Just a little bit here and there, maybe only 15-30min a day.

Every day, pick a section of our home to focus on: The linin closet, a couple of the kitchen cabinets (or maybe just A kitchen cabinet), The storage closet, a section of the basement, a section of the attic, the wardrobe.

Focus on the storage areas as it is most likely there that we will find the things you no longer use. Pick a small storage area section a day. Instead of tackling the entire linen closet,  just focus on the first shelf today. Start from the back of these areas, as the things we use the least will be found there. A persons storage habits reveal what items they’re using, and which they are not. The things in the back of these storage spaces are likely the things we can get rid of. Keep this in mind when determining what we will downsize.

Create a section in our home to gather all this excess so we can properly dispose of it all at once. Keep it all in Glad trash bags for convenience. Section them all out according to how you will dispose of each pile: Dump, Good Will, Consignment, eBay, Iron Mountain (sensitive document disposal company), etc.

Once we are finished with all the downsizing, it’s time to move out those piles we’ve created. As far as I am aware, the only time difficult part of this is selling things we wish to sell. It may be less a burden to just trash these things or just give them away (depends on our circumstance).