Ownership (Time in / Value out)

The things you own should be working for you. Not the other way around.

Rate it simply by the most valuable commodity you have ……. Time.


If the time you spend maintaining your lawn every year (mow, rake, weed, etc), outweighs the time you spend USING your lawn (BBQs, volleyball, bonfires, ….. general play time, etc), then I am afraid to tell you that your property owns you. …… Sorry, but it’s a drain on your life.

Now …… it’s possible some of us consider that maintenance time as value added time (“but I like mowing my lawn”). To those folk I ask “Would you still do it if you didn’t have to?” Specifically “If your lawn was capable of keeping it self the same length and healthy, would you still choose to have it grow just so you can cut it?” The answer to THAT question reveals whether mowing the lawn is WORK (maintenance in) time, or value out time.