Our most important possession, our body

The very first possession we acquire in this life is our body. It is also the most important possession, as it is the vessel we inhabit. It is the ultimate multi-purpose tool. Perfect in design and function. Capable of doing marvelous works. But just like any possession we own, it can get lost in the sea of all the other possessions we own. So many of us don’t give it it’s due maintenance because we are too busy using and maintaining all our other stuff.

There just doesn’t seem enough time in the day/week/month to earn a living, mow the lawn, cook, grocery shop, clean the house, paint the dining room, laundry, dishes, bills, wash/wax the car, and theeeeen exercise. So many of us tend to cut the last one off the list. We do this because we consider maintaining these other material possessions necessary, but maintaining our own bodies as optional.

Perspective: We do not need a yard, car, house, lots of clothes, and dishes, so it should go without saying that we certainly do not need to maintain these things. We DO however need to thrive, to be healthy, to live. Make no mistake, exercise is absolutely necessary to maintain ones health. No, taking care of our bodies is not optional.


As if we needed another reason to live a minimalist lifestyle, how is this for one: Freeing our lives of unnecessary clutter gives us our time back to focus on using and maintaining the possessions that are most important to us. Most notably, our body.